Personal Training

1 on 1 training with Coach Turner will allow you to maximize your training experience whether you are training for a specific goal, general fitness, or need personalized attention.  All personal training will have a consultation to discuss health history and a movement screen to help Will best assess your training needs to help tailor an individualized training program that fits your lifestyle needs.  Training is available in your home, another site, or virtually.

Small Group Training

Coach Turner will bring up to 10 athletes through his sports performance that is backed by years of experience and scientific research.  Middle school, high school, and collegiate athletes are instructed through proper movement training, speed training, strength training, explosive power development and conditioning.  We want to improve your on-field success while reducing the likelihood of injury.  His program will develop a solid athletic foundation while focusing on individual needs of each athlete in the group. 

Team Training

Coach Turner will work your sport program or team to help progress every athlete within your system.  He is available to come to your facility to work on speed, agility, and conditioning, or develop a full strength and conditioning program utilizing the latest research and innovation within the field of sports performance. 

Nutrition Coaching

Coach Turner will bring you through the world renown Precision Nutrition coach program. Clients will get daily nutrition habits to work on to help find a diet that works with your lifestyle for lifelong changes. This program includes biweekly 30 minute zoom sessions.


Coach Turner has many years of high level coaching in the sports performance industry.  His expertise is movement assessment and training, nutrition, speed development and strength training will help take your individual or team training to the next level.  Coach Turner will meet with you in-person or virtually to give an assessment of your situation and find the best plan for you.